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Grocery Shopping and Delivery through Sausalito Village/CARSS

You can contact Sausalito Village/CARSS if you are in need of essentials - food, medication, and pet supplies delivered. Call 415-332-3325 or email  All of our volunteers have been vetted and are eager to help out!  This is a free service open to all residents 60 years and older, younger with a disability or living with an at-risk elder.


Grocery Delivery through Instacart

More and more Villagers are having their groceries delivered using online shopping through Instacart which services Mollie Stones, Target, BevMo, Costco and more.  Start your order by going directly to the STORE WEBSITE and not Instacart.  Once on the store site, click on Delivery options.  This will redirect you to Instacart for that specific store. 

Problems setting up Instacart? Call Sausalito Village for volunteer assistance at 415-332-3325.

Problems with an order?  When you receive your order check it carefully.  If you have a problem, call 1-844-981-3433 daily 5am-8pm.  There is a Senior Dedicated Line.  Have your order date, delivery date and person who did the shopping ready to report.  If you are not satisfied with your response, call the store manager, it is in their best interest to make it right.

Mollie Stones Sausalito  - (415) 331-6900

Target Marin City - (415) 944-5540

Safeway Strawberry - (415) 360-9016


Grocery Store Senior Hours

Most stores offer shopping hours for seniors only, either every day or every week.  Check the website or call the store before you go as these hours tend to change.


Grocery Store Curbside Delivery

Many stores are now successfully offering curbside pick up.  Locally, Drivers Market, Golden Gate Market, Target, Good Earth and more.  Check the website or call ahead to put in your order.  Even stores like Home Depot offer curbside, contactless delivery to your car.


Groceries and Food For Those in Need

Marin County Health and Human Services updates a food resource list.  Click here: Food resources


Restaurant Take Out and Delivery

The Chamber of Commerce has information on all the local restaurants providing take out and delivery.


Dining on Caledonia Street

Weather permitting, temporary on-street dining is now available along Caledonia Street's "restaurant row" for dinner on Thursdays and lunch and dinner on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Participating restaurants are F3, Sartaj, San Drino, and Osteria Divino. The street configuration calls for a maximum of five tables for each of the four participating restaurants to allow for sufficient distance between dining parties. 


Prepared Meals Delivered to Your Door (recommended by members)

Good Eggs -

Dinner Ready

Jessie and Laurent -

Freshly -


Meal Kits Include All for YOU to Prepare Delivered to Your Door (recommended by members)

Martha Stewart Marley Spoon -

Hello Fresh -



Non-emergency peer emotional support

If you are in need of emotional support that is more than friends and family or the Village can offer, please contact the Friendship Line, a 24 hour hotline specifically for seniors through the Institute on Aging.  Phone:  800-971-0016.     Here is a link to the website:

Again, if there is something you need, let us know!  You can reach us at 415-332-3325 or


The Sausalito Public Library

Curbside service is now available on Tuesdays from 12-6pm and Wednesday/Thursdays from 10am-2pm.  Call the Library to make an appointment at 415-289-4121.  CARSS can pick up for you!  Contact 415-332-3325 for arrangements.  More info from the Library website:  City of Sausalito Library website


The Sausalito Parks and Recreation Department

Virtual Rec Room
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Face Coverings

Sausalito Village is  still providing free fabric face coverings.  Contact Residents are required to wear face coverings while shopping and carrying out other essential services.  They should carry a face covering along with them when they are out exercising in case they encounter situations where they can not maintain six feet social distancing requirement.

Transportation Options

Onward Rides

Transportation specifically geared to seniors with vetted and trained drivers who can physically assist riders and even sign riders out post- medical procedures.  Drivers can handle wheelchairs and walkers.  No charge for additional riders.  First ride is free (distance dependent).  Learn more at:


This volunteer driver program is still up and running for non-covid medical appointments.  Sign up through Carepool ahead of time to have an application on file when you need the ride.  Rides must be reque


Sign Up for Alerts and Information

Marin County Public Health Department

Every weekday, Marin County Public Health publishes an update on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak in Marin. The update is typically distributed in the evening and includes the latest statistics on testing and confirmed cases, information about new and updated public health orders, links to news releases from the county, and video updates from public health officers.

Signing up for COVID-19 updates is easy:

  • Text "MARIN COVID" to 468311 to receive text message notifications that include a link to the daily update
  • Submit your email address via the online signup form to receive updates via email

Daily updates are posted to the Marin County Coronavirus Information page, which also features information about the public health orders currently in effect, an extensive collection of answers to frequently asked questions about COVID-19, and information about testing in Marin.


City of Sausalito  eNewsletter - The Currents

The Currents is delivered to your email box every Friday along with alerts in case of information that is time sensitive. Sign up to receive the emails: Click here


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