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Sausalito Village Emergency Preparedness Program


In May 2020, at the height of the pandemic, the Sausalito Village Emergency Preparedness Program Committee forged forward with the planned unveiling of the newest service for Village Members, the Emergency Preparedness Program. 

Thanks to the availability of Geomapping, the membership of Sausalito Village has been divided into 10 neighborhoods, and 2-4 volunteer Co-Captains have been designated to each area.  The Co-Captains assist over 240 members in preparing for all types of emergencies, power outages and evacuations. 

Every Sausalito Village member is interviewed to help determine the members' emergency readiness and vulnerability during an emergency.  Members determined to be most vulnerable in an emergency are also connected to our Healthcare Advocacy Committee.  Each of the most vulnerable members is coupled with a Healthcare Advocate who checks in with them on a quarterly basis.  

The Emergency Preparedness Committee offers regular trainings ranging from how to assemble a Go-Bag to putting together a list of ten items you would take with 10 minutes to evacuate.  Members have found that talking through these preparations helps to lessen the fear about fire, earthquake and outages. 

Annually the Village works with the Floating Homes Association to provide an opportunity for Members to get their fire extinguishers checked and/or refilled and also an opportunity to purchase Go Bags.

For many of our members who do not have family in the area, it is heartening to know they have the Village on their side helping them to prepared for times of emergencies.


Watch a video about the program, presented at the National Village Conference in October 2022 (SVEPC begins at minute 14.25):