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Somatic Movement Workshop


Thu 05 / 16 / 2019 from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM
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Dance Studio, City Hall, 420 Litho Street, Sausalito,


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Patricia Smith

Come to this special workshop for members and volunteers, you’ll feel so much better!

Somatic movements in the tradition of Thomas Hanna



Somatics classes teach you to become aware of and release overly tight muscles. So much chronic pain and symptoms typically thought of as irreversible and due aging seem to be reversible to a large degree. Thomas Hanna called this “The Myth Of Aging”.



WHEN:  Thursdays, 10am-11:30am

WHERE:  City Hall downstairs in the Dance Studio

WHO:  Pat Howe

FEE:  $10 fee, payable to Parks and Recreation day of class

RSVP:  By clicking on the link above or emailing to


WHAT TO WEAR:  Loose clothing




Response to stress on any level involves a neuromuscular component as well as a biochemical response. We hunch forward to guard our bellies, straighten and arch our back to walk. Accidents, small and large result in twisting motions. Becoming  habituated, these three response patterns overuse some muscles, weaken others, and  misalign bones, creating pain, fatigue and wear. 


During the class you will either lie on a mat, or sit in a chair while  learning to sense and release habituated  patterns. Slow, normal movements are done gently with awareness. One never moves into pain, nor stretches. This is about slow release and retraining the brain. It feels good! Breathing opens up. You feel better, move better, more fluidly. Movement lubricates joints. Pain levels decrease as does blood pressure. Your outlook on the world tends to brighten. 


You will leave class with a series of movements to practice at home, and a list of online links to  podcasts and resources for your continued practice. 



*This is a drop in class, come when you can. No need to sign up for a series. so they don’t have to pony up 
*Pat sets a theme for each class. Head and neck, shoulders/ upper body, legs, etc. but each session also integrates those movements into your whole body so you gets full benefit. 
*You will receive a list of resources including a link to Pat's teacher in Berkley who puts out a little newsletter and short video clips they can use anytime. 
*Pat is always open to suggestions.


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